Pet Spay & Neuter

Starting on January 1st Standard Dog vouchers will be $75, Standard Cat vouchers will be $55. 

Please read all instructions before filling out the application at the bottom of this page.

Humane Solution Spay-Neuter Program offers reduced-cost vouchers for spay-neuter surgery to underprivileged pet guardians and feral cat caretakers.

If you need help with rescue or placement of animals or are in need of veterinary assistance beyond spay-neuter, please visit our Community Resources page to find fellow organizations that may be able to help.

Voucher Pricing:

  • $55 for each cat
  • $75 for each dog

Voucher Qualifications:

Humane Solution's program is intended for pet owners in true financial need. Please help us to stay true to our mission of providing services to those who cannot otherwise afford spay-neuter services. Humane Solution uses NC HUD low-income guidelines to determine eligibility for our vouchers.

NC HUD Income Guidelines

1 Person - $45,650

2 Person -  $52,200

3 Person - $58,700

4 Person - $65,200

5 Person - $70,450

6 Person - $75,650

7 Person - $80,850

8 Person - $86,100

Vouchers are typically mailed out within 5 to 7 days of the receipt of application and payment. Applications that are mailed in can take up to 2 weeks or longer to process and get vouchers mailed out.  


If your application is denied you will be issued a refund for the voucher cost minus credit card processing fees.

Vouchers typically expire after 4 months (depending on the age of the pet). An additional 2-month grace period is applied after 4 months where an expired voucher can be re-issued for $10. Lost vouchers will also incur the $10 re-issue fee. 

No-Show Policy  To ensure continued service for your pet, please provide 48 hours notice to the vet if you need to reschedule your appointment. Missed appointments without notice will result in a voided voucher. You'll need to pay a replacement fee ($55 for cats, $75 for dogs) to reinstate it. Our vets track missed appointments. Using a voided voucher at another hospital will require full payment for the surgery. If you change the vet for your pet’s surgery, kindly cancel the original appointment to avoid the "No-Show" fee. Humane Solution relies on its participating vets. By keeping appointments, you help us support them and ensure program sustainability for everyone's pets.

Want to give a little extra?
If you can afford to pay more than the voucher cost, we can Spay it Forward to help other needy applicants. Any overage amount would be helpful. You can Spay it Forward using our regular donation button.

Humane Solution reserves the right to deny any application without the need to disclose a cause.

Humane Solution may not always be the best option for you. Since we want to help as many pets as possible, the following programs may be a better option if you live in the following counties:

Davidson County, SNIP

Stokes County - Spay Stokes

Guilford County - Project BARK

Wilkes County - SNAP

Thank you for reading all of our instructions, and most importantly for having your pet spayed or neutered. Spay and neuter is the key to ending pet overpopulation, and you are a part of the humane solution. You may now proceed by filling out the Spay-Neuter Application below.

Pet Spay-Neuter Application