Voucher Information Updates:


Some participating vets are experiencing delays and temporary shutdowns due to the current COVID-19 case surge in our area. Please plan accordingly. If you need to change vets or extend your voucher please contact us at info@humanesolution.org.



Spay/Neuter Program


Please read all instructions before filling out the application.


Voucher Pricing:


  • $45 for each cat
  • $60 for each dog


Voucher Qualifications

Humane Solution's program is intended for pet owners in true financial need. Please help us to stay true to our mission of providing services to those who cannot otherwise afford spay-neuter services. Humane Solution uses NC HUD income guidelines to determine eligibility for our vouchers.


Voucher Household Income Guidelines:

1 Person - $39,200

2 Person - $44,800

3 Person - $50,400

4 Person - $56,000

5 Person - $60,500

6 Person - $64,950

7 Person - $69,450

8 Person - $73,900




If you receive public assistance, you qualify. If you have questions about income qualifications or are experiencing an unforeseen situation, please email us at info@humanesolution.org so that we may assist you. If you do not qualify for our program, you will be issued a full refund.


Voucher turnaround time is typically within 2 days when the voucher and payment are submitted together. High Voucher application volume can affect this timing.




Humane Solution reserves the right to deny any application without the need to disclose a cause.



Humane Solution spay-neuter vouchers cover the cost of surgery only. Please check with your chosen vet about any additional requirements and other charges that may occur. The voucher holder is responsible for all additional charges, so please budget accordingly.

Applying for a Voucher


Fill out an application on-line


    1. Click the Spay-Neuter Application button below. You must have a valid email OR a working phone number to apply.
    2. Select a participating veterinary hospital. The list is available on the application or click here.
    3. Click the SUBMIT button. All fields must be filled out. The application will not submit if important fields are left blank. If you have filled out and successfully submitted your application, you will be taken to another page stating this.
    4. Pay for your voucher on the successful submission page.

If you wish, you may mail a check or money order to Humane Solution, PO Box 20712, Winston-Salem, NC 27120.

*Mailed payments may take longer to process.


Submit an application via mail:


If you prefer to apply for a voucher using a paper application:


  1. Please download a printable application or contact us at (336) 723-3647 to have an application mailed to you. Click here for a printable version of the application.
  2. Fill out the application, include a check or money order.


Mail it to Humane Solution, PO Box 20712, Winston-Salem, NC 27120.

Your voucher will be mailed to you after we receive it.

What Happens Next

After you receive your voucher, make an appointment with the veterinary hospital you selected on your application.


When we receive your application and payment, we will mail you a voucher card within 2 days of receipt. If you have not received your voucher after 10 days, please contact us.


On the day of your appointment, take the voucher and vaccination records, if applicable.  If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please notify the veterinary hospital and reschedule your appointment.


Vouchers typically expire after 2 months (please note the expiration date on your voucher after you receive it) and there is a $10 fee to reissue expired vouchers within 6 months of the issue date. Please contact us if you need your voucher reissued or mail the voucher back to us with a $10 check/money order for a reissued voucher.


Full Re-issue/Refund Policy:

  • Depending on the age of the pet, the vouchers typically expire after 2 months. There is an additional 4 month grace period after the expiration date when you can request a re-issue for a $10 fee or a refund. After 6 months from the issue date your voucher is considered null and void. Your voucher fee will be considered a donation. We don’t want to risk your pet going into heat or getting pregnant.
  • If you need your voucher reissued, please return the expired voucher to Humane Solution along with a $10 reissue fee within 6 months of the issue date. If the voucher is not for the same pet, please provide an application with the new pet’s information.
  • If needed, vouchers can be refunded by request only during the 6 month active period of the voucher. You will need to mail in your voucher and email info@humanesolution.org to ask for a refund. If you choose to donate your voucher fee for our “Spay it Forward” campaign, a tax-deductible receipt will be mailed to you.


Humane Solution has instructed vets to refuse vouchers if you request declawing of your cat and ear or tail docking of your dog at the time of the spay-neuter surgery.


Please realize that your pet will be undergoing surgery and will be under anesthesia. As with any surgery, there may be risks, depending on your pet's overall health. The vets may ask for additional tests before surgery, and in some cases, require those tests. Please discuss this with the hospital prior to your appointment and budget accordingly.


Humane Solution spay-neuter vouchers cover the cost of the surgery, and vets that participate in our program may have individual requirements or charge additional fees over the cost of the voucher that are your responsibility to pay.


Additional charges from the vet may include:

  • Additional vaccinations
  • Overweight pets
  • Females that are in heat or pregnant
  • Males whose testicles have not dropped (cryptorchid)
  • Postoperative pain medication
  • Exam or voucher fees


If you can afford to pay more than the voucher cost, we can "Spay it Forward" to help other needy applicants. Any overage amount would be helpful. You can "Spay it Forward" using our regular donation button above.

Humane Solution may not always be the best option for you. Since we want to help as many pets as possible, the following programs may be a better option if you live in the following counties:


Davidson County, SNIP



Stokes County - Spay Stokes



Guilford County - Project BARK



Wilkes County - SNAP





Thank you for reading all of our instructions, and most importantly for having your pet spayed or neutered. Spay and neuter is the key to ending pet overpopulation, and you are a part of the humane solution. You may now proceed by clicking the Spay-Neuter Application button below.

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