Spay/Neuter Program


Humane Solution's program is intended for pet owners in true financial need. Please help us to stay true to our mission of providing services to those who cannot otherwise afford spay-neuter services.

An application is required when requesting a spay-neuter voucher for your pet. You can fill out the application on-line by clicking the Spay-Neuter Application button above or you can print and mail an application to us.  Click here for a printable version of the application. When completing your application, please select the veterinary hospital you would like to use for your pet. Click here for a complete list of participating hospitals.


Payment MUST be sent for each application. Payments can be made on-line through our PayPal account (payment will appear as a donation) or by mailing a check or money order to the following address:


Humane Solution

PO Box 20712

Winston-Salem, NC 27120


Voucher Pricing


  • $35 for each cat
  • $50 for each dog


To pay on-line, click the “Pay For Voucher” button at the end of the on-line application or the “Donate” button above. Please reference application fee in the memo/comments section. You can pay on-line even if you send the application by mail.


When we receive your application and payment, we will mail you a voucher card in 7-10 days. After you receive your voucher, make an appointment with the veterinary hospital you selected on your application. Vouchers have an expiration date and there is a $10 fee to reissue expired vouchers.


Additional charges from the vet may include:

  • Current vaccinations
  • very overweight pets
  • females that are in heat or pregnant
  • males whose testicles have not dropped (cryptorchid)
  • post-operation pain medication
  • vouchers will be refused by vets if you request declawing of your cat and ear or tail docking of your dog


If you can afford to pay more than the voucher cost, we can "spay it forward" to help other needy applicants. Any overage amount would be helpful.





Top 10 Reasons To Spay-Neuter Your Pet


#10 – Spayed and neutered pets live longer, healthier lives.

Unaltered pets run the risk of certain cancers in their reproduction organs, as well as other maladies, such as pyometra.


#9 – Neutering male cats at a young age decreases the likelihood that they will “spray” to mark their territory.

If a male cat reaches sexual maturity and begins spraying, neutering may not totally solve the problem, but it is a step in the right direction.


#8 – Your spayed female won’t go into heat.

A female cat can go into heat 4 to 5 days every 3 weeks during breeding season, during which time they will yowl and urinate more frequently. Unspayed female dogs generally have a bloody discharge for approximately 7-10 days and can get pregnant for another week after that.


#7 – Your pet won’t roam away from home.

Both male and female pets will do just about anything to mate during breeding season. Male dogs can smell an intact female as far away as 3 miles!  It also decreases the chances of them getting lost.


#6 – It is more cost effective.

If your pet roams away from home, (see #7), the chances increase that they can become injured in traffic, or get into fights with other animals. If your pet gets picked up as a stray by animal control, you will have to pay fines in most municipalities to get them out.


#5 – Your male pet will be better behaved.

Neutered cats and dogs focus their attention on their human families. In addition, they are less likely to mark their territory, mount (or hump) objects (including humans).


#4 – Spaying/Neutering doesn’t affect your pet’s personality or its ability to guard your home or hunt.

If anything, it makes your pet better behaved (see #5) because they are more focused on you. In addition, their ability to protect your home is the same as if they aren’t altered, and are less likely to be distracted by other dogs while hunting.


#3 – It’s good for the community.

Stray animals can pose real problems for a community. They can prey on wildlife, cause vehicular accidents, and endanger children. It’s also costly for taxpayers, who foot the bill for municipal shelters to pick up, house, and dispose of unwanted animals, which has been estimated to be approximately $2 billion.


#2 – You don’t have to worry about unwanted litters.

Having an unwanted litter creates a lot of problems, including paying for extra mouths to feed, and finding homes for them. If you take them to a shelter or rescue organization, it is costly for them to house, feed, and care for them.


And the # 1 reason to have your pet spayed/neutered - It reduces the number of dogs/cats/puppies/kittens that are killed in our shelters due to pet overpopulation!

Euthanasia is the #1 killer of companion animals in this country!  And we’re doing it intentionally in our shelters across the country every day. Each day, 70,000 puppies and kittens are born. That represents one human to 15 dogs or 45 cats. As long as these birth rates exist, there will never be enough homes. 5 out of 10 dogs and 7 out of 10 cats in shelters are euthanized. Spay-neuter saves lives.


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